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Do I Need A Structural Pest Inspector? (SPI)

You do if you want reporting on the presence of any of the following:

  • termites
  • carpenter or moisture ants
  • wood infesting beetles
  • wood rot (fungus)

Do you want reporting on conditions that may “invite” wood destroying organisms?

A licensed SPI is “required” to report on wood rot damage and conducive conditions that may promote development of Wood Destructive Organisms (WDO).

[Note:  A Home Inspector cannot “legally” report on wood destroying insects unless licensed as an SPI.  The Washington State Department of Licensing administers a Home Inspector license (SPI) that requires wood rot and conducive conditions be reported in the course of a Home Inspection.]  For more info see:

Generally, this is a “Good-Guy” ant…
Thatching Ants have a distinctive nest that looks like a soccer ball sized mound of dirt & twigs located in a pasture or in the ground. They nest in eroding trees and stumps. This fella was about 20 yards away from the nest, “scouting” one of my diseased and dying cedar trees.